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Happy Mother's Day! Check Out These 8 Videos of Sneaky Moms

Cheers to you, mothers of mischief!

Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween Candy Prank

And "You sneaky mom!" is born. Jimmy Kimmel told these parents to tell their kids they ate all their candy. Our moms literally ate all of ours, so quit your cryin', kids! 

The Crack An Egg Over Your Head And There Definitely Won't Be a Yolk Trick

This mom is hilarious and doesn't give a FUUUUUUUHHHH that her kid is crying over this. Aces! 

Lemon Juice Prank

One way to get your kids to stop drinking your soda is to pour lemon juice in the can. Another way is to put it somewhere they can't get it. Just sayin'.

The $50K Mustang on eBay Prank
This kid feels real remorse for buying the Mustang! We feel remorse for his sinuses. That was a mega wad of snot! 

Breastmilk Trick 

This mom thought it would be HILARIOUS to pour "breast milk" in her kids' cereal. One kid totally didn't buy it (probably because she could see the camera) but the other is very disgusted. Good job, lady! 

Evil XBox Prank

This is just plain mean. The info box on this vid says the kid ended up getting his XBox... we'll believe it when we see it.

Jimmy Kimmel's Intentionally Crappy Gifts For Christmas

A potato, beans, cheese, and sandwich sound like great gifts to us adults. These kids don't know what lies ahead in their future. (Sadness.)

Bonus: The Silverstone

Unfortunately, this isn't a prank at all. Alicia Silverstone just thinks she's a mom-bird. 

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