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The Top 5 Celebrity Love Brawls

When two celebs get into it over a woman, there’s only one winner – the audience!

Photos: FilmMagic / Getty Images / Starlitepics | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

5. Tommy Hilfiger vs. Axl Rose
This brawl is just downright weird; how the hell do Axl Rose and Tommy Hilfiger even wind up on the same guest list in the first place? Well, back in 2006, the two attended actress Rosario Dawson's birthday soiree in New York, where the Guns ‘N’ Roses front man – just being himself – rudely moved the cocktail of Tommy's girlfriend Dee Ocleppo (now his wife). Tommy objects. Axl shoves Tommy. Tommy clocks Axl. Wait…what?! Hilfiger later confessed he was scared shitless that Axl might knock his teeth out, so he decided to go Rambo and draw first blood. Welcome to the jungle!
Winner: Hilfiger

4. Notorious B.I.G. vs. Tupac
Here’s one celebrity love brawl that got way out of hand... Though once close friends, rumors eventually circulated that Tupac was messing around with Biggie's wife, R&B singer Faith Evans. To make things worse, Tupac subsequently released a scathing song in 1996 entitled “Hit Em Up,” where he fired a vicious shot at B.I.G., saying: “You claim to be a player, but I fucked your wife.” Tensions escalated on both sides (and in the media), ultimately leading to widespread speculation that the beef was to blame for the still-unsolved murders of both Tupac and Biggie, in 1996 and 1997, respectively. Damn you to hell, East Coast-West Coast rap beef!
Winner: The Media

3. Paris Hilton vs. Shanna Moakler
At Maxim, we appreciate nothing more than a celebrity catfight (apart from the sight of our bikini-clad office interns violently disposing of a nasty clown infestation, of course). In October 2006, Paris Hilton learned a tough lesson: never mess with a rocker girl’s husband! After reports swirled that Paris had hooked up with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, Shanna Moakler caught up with the socialite at Hyde nightclub in Los Angeles. Shanna shouted obscenities at Paris, and then jumped on her with a clean punch to the face. Needless to say, Paris didn't even get in a nail scratch.
Winner: Moakler

2. Drake vs. Chris Brown
They say the love of a Caribbean woman can make a man crazy, and Bajan bombshell Rihanna is the blood-clottiest best. When the singer’s infamous douchebag, woman-beating ex-boyfriend Chris Brown ran into rapper Drake (who Rihanna also dated) at New York City’s W.i.P. club last June, the two jilted lovers squared off. Rather than sing their praises for Rihanna, the platinum-selling artists put their messages in a bottle - literally, as Champagne magnums were hurled in both directions. A bottle struck Brown squarely on the chin, leaving a gash that required eight stitches (that sound you just heard was the world cheering). Payback's a bitch!
Winner: Drake

1. Gabriel Aubry v. Olivier Martinez
Show us a sane man who wouldn't have Halle Berry's back. You can't, because there isn't one. So when Berry's ex/baby daddy got out of line last week, Berry’s fiancé, Olivier, did what any son of a professional boxer would do: he generously made sure Gabriel had some donuts to go with his Thanksgiving stuffing, delivering a couple of really nasty black eyes. Hey, Gabriel! There’s a new joke going around… What did the two fists say to the eyes? Boom, BAP!
Winner: Martinez

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