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The World’s Ugliest Animal Needs Your Help

Read on to learn about the poor blobfish’s plight.

Photo by Rex USA | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

If you’ve ever come across a photo of the gelatinous, deep sea-dwelling blobfish, you know that they’ve got a face only a blobfish mother could love. But what you may not know is those blobfish are also very close to extinction. It’s true. While you and the rest of society have been raving on about preservation for cute and cuddly tigers and pandas, the plight of the poor blobfish has gone mostly unnoticed, and, if it wasn’t for the valiant efforts of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, the very last one of them could get swept up in a fisherman’s trawler and you wouldn’t even know. Or care. At all.

But now that the blobfish has beaten out fellow aesthetically challenged competitors like the “scrotum frog” to be crowned the “World’s Ugliest Animal” in the organization’s campaign to find a new mascot, people are paying attention. And that may be just what this little guy needed to turn that frown upside down.

Learn more about The Ugly Animal Preservation Society, the blobfish, and all of its unattractive cronies.

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