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We heard plastic surgery is supposed to improve your looks. That said, why do these celebs look more horrific after going under the knife?

Joan Rivers- For Joan, face-lifts are like boobs: One isn't enough, and three are too many. As are four, five, and 29. While we support your first attempt, you probably should have called it quits at that. You know, before your face lost all range of motion.

Jenna Jameson- Remember when she used to be hot? Back when Jenna weighed more than 80 pounds and only had one boob job, we would've gladly been her 53,656th fuck, if it meant we'd get one night alone with her. Now we wouldn't even want to see her in a crowd during the middle of day. She's scary!

Don Johnson- If only there was a Subway-like stamp program for nose jobs. After his third rhino, Don would have been halfway to a free one! Or he could have traded it in early for a bag of Baked Lay's.

Carrot Top- Oh, Carrot Top. That crazy hair and ass-ugly face didn't seem to make you hate yourself enough? You had to go and transform yourself to look like the ugliest woman on the planet? Hope you're happy!

Kenny Rogers- The tragedy here is that Kenny Rogers no longer looks like any of the men on After widening his trademark squinty eyes and pruning down his beard, Rogers could pass for a network sitcom dad. You could bounce a quarter off his forehead.

Tara Reid- Getting lipo when you're already thin makes about as much sense as getting a botched boob job and becoming a drunk human condom. Oh wait, Tara's done all three of those? Atta girl!

Priscilla Presley- At one point, Priscilla was hot enough to bag Elvis. Now, after an insane amount of Botox, face-lifts, and who knows what else, she couldn't even bag her own groceries.

Burt Reynolds- While you were busy growing up, Burt was busy turning into an old Asian man by way of awesomely bad face-lifts and eyelid surgeries. How he managed to weasel his way onto Miller Lite's Man Laws panel is beyond us. Shouldn't undergoing elective cosmetic surgery automatically disqualify you from anything with the word "MAN" in the title?

Mickey Rourke- What's super bumpy and beyond repair? Mickey's career AND his face! It's like he went to his surgeon and said, "Give me way too many procedures, but before you sew my skin back on, pack it with acorns and make me look super lumpy and totally absurd."

Vince Neil- If you look like a fat overweight woman before you get plastic surgery as well as after you get plastic surgery, you're probably gonna want to not put the entire process on national television. C'mon, VH1, you're better than that. Actually…never mind.

The World's Worst Plastic Surgery