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6 of the Worst Magic Tricks On YouTube

Now You See Me, the movie about a bunch of hot magicians who steal and give money to their audiences, got us thinking about the worst magicians. Besides, what's better than a great illusion? A terrible one! Check out these vids of some seriously bad stunts.

The "Why Did You Need That Many Knives?!" Trick

If this guy had just stopped one knife earlier, he would have been a hero. Now, he's only allowed to use butter knives. For everything. Also the guy who said "She does have a cut, but do we know how many that was?" is kind of a jerk but in an awesome way.

The Tablecloth Trick

Technically, this trick worked. But it lacked the grace and finesse of a seasoned magician. 

The Worst Levitation Trick On The Internet

This is just too bad. He really had us with the Tim Burtony jams in the background. 

The Second Worst Levitation Trick on the Internet

TGFAGT (Thank God for America's Got Talent)

The Trick That Got Bloody Cocked Up

As the magician states, "Trying to show all you YouTubers a trick and gone and bloody cocked it up! Arrrggghhh!!!" We feel ya, buddy. Shit happens. 

The Fail Within an Amusement Park Production

Let's go to Busch Gardens. Right now.

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