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This Ad for Domino’s in Japan Just Won the Internet

Crazy Japanese fun time pizza humanoid app!

In this new creepfest of an ad, "Scott, president of Domino's Pizza," introduces a new initiative in the company's Japanese markets—namely, the Domino's app featuring Hatsune Miku.

(Just in case you're not a Hatsune Miku fanatic, the term refers to a singing synthesizer application with the humanoid persona of a 16-year-old girl with long aqua-colored pigtails; in other words, it's a completely bizarre Japanese phenomenon that has nothing to do with either pizza or reality.)

What happens next is horrifying.

Why is Scott talking like that, and making those faces? What's with those weird camera cutaways? Is Domino's too poor to hire Japanese actors for its commercials? And what the shit do "vocaloids" have to do with pizza? In fact, isn't it safe to assume that anyone who has the time or interest in using this app probably doesn't have money for pizza anyway?

The questions are endless, and the only thing we know for sure is that we have no intention of doing anything for the rest of the day that doesn't involve watching this video. Also, we need to go to Japan as soon as possible.

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