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This Is The Wrong Way To Wake Up Next To A Fox

Unless small, potentially rabid beasts are your thing, in which case, uh, you can see yourself out.


Next time you wake up to what you assume is your girlfriend nuzzling your neck, don't assume that she's changed her mind about morning sex. It could just be a friendly real-life fox that's crept into your bed for a snuggle.

Take the case of British IT worker Leon Smith. Just a few days ago he was shocked (and then probably disappointed) to find out that his amorous bedfellow was just that: an urban fox that had snuck in through the cat-flap. Turns out his girlfriend, Sophie Merrell, had already left for work.

After what The Mirror described as a “tense 10-minute stand-off,” Leon was eventually able to chase the animal out of the house.

Apparently his girlfriend found the whole ordeal pretty amusing, but like any self-respecting woman, was sure to stress that three’s a crowd, and that the cat-flap may very well be closed for business following the incident.

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