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This Week In Drunk News: Trapped Students, DUIs & Llamas

And it’s only Tuesday...

So how was your weekend? Fun? Yeah? You get drunk? Go a little wild? Nice. Did you kidnap a llama? What? It’s a reasonable question, apparently, because that’s exactly what these five French teenagers did over the weekend – they kidnapped a llama from the circus and took it for a ride on the subway. The llama – whose name is Serge, because France – was taken on a tour of the city of Bordeaux after the group’s initial plan to kidnap a zebra fell through. So, you know, it’s good to know they had their reasons. That’ll be a huge comfort to them during the trial, we expect (yes, they’ve all been arrested).


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On this side of the pond, we have the strange case of disappearing NYU student Asher Vongtau, who went missing for 36 hours, only to show up on Sunday night, trapped in the tiny space between his dorm and the adjacent building. It turns out that he fell off the roof between the two structures after – surprise! – drinking at a party. He’s currently in “serious but stable” condition, and presumably soon going to be craving a cheeseburger and some extra-strong aspirin.


And finally, rounding out our can-you-believe-the-week’s-just-started-and-we-already-have-three-of-these tales, we have the unfortunate Amanda Leyvas of Casa Grande, AZ, who crashed her car while drunk and was promptly arrested for driving while impaired by alcohol, aggravated assault, and criminal damage. How was she arrested so very promptly, you ask? Because she crashed her car right into a special DUI task force that had been set up for the night. Just when you thought there was nothing dumber than kidnapping a llama…



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