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Three Bros Raise Money For Breast Cancer With This Controversial Motorboating Video

See how they racked up all the cash!


The guys at Simple Pickup had a brilliant idea to raise money for breast cancer research by giving $20 for every pair of lady lumps they were allowed to motorboat. Vloggers Jesse, Kong, and Jason nuzzled and raspberried $2080 worth, meaning... ugh, sexy math... 104 pairs of boobs or 208 individual boobs! And in another video, they made good on their promise by submitting the money online to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Along the way, the guys have earned some critics of their campaign, making this kind of activism pretty controversial. Some argue that the guys are sexualizing a very serious disease, but they definitely aren't the first to spread awareness this way. No matter what your stance on the video (which was uploaded earlier this week), for every 100,000 views Simple Pickup gets on YouTube, they will donate $100. Right now, they are over three million - that's a lot of money for saving ta-tas. Watch it for the cause, and let us know what you think in the comments! 

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