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Today in Public Meltdowns: Dennis Rodman, Michael Bay & AJ McCarron’s Mom

They might want to avoid the cameras for a while.

Dennis Rodman

Just a few weeks after North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un had his uncle executed (possibly by feeding him to a pack of 120 starving dogs), beacon of American diplomacy Dennis Rodman is back to visit his “friend for life,” this time bringing several NBA veterans with him to play in a friendly basketball game on Wednesday. It became apparent this morning, though, that Rodman may be somewhat unaware of how controversial this current trip may be. When CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked him via satellite whether he would discuss the release of American Kenneth Bae, who has been imprisoned in North Korea on vague charges since November 2012, Rodman went full-on Kanye. Watch below, but highlights include the fact that Rodman doesn’t give a “rat’s ass” what Cuomo thinks in between a lot of incoherent yelling and cigar-pointing. Interestingly enough, a photo has also just been dug up Rodman toasting “awesome guy” Kim Jong-Un’s uncle during his first trip to North Korea.

Michael Bay

Given the size of director Michael Bay’s ego, you’d think he’d be adept at commanding the attention of - or even just addressing - a crowd. Well, you’d have thought wrong. Yesterday, Bay suffered an awkward meltdown while presenting as a keynote speaker at a Samsung press event at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Just a few seconds after being introduced by the Executive VP, Bay appears to grow increasingly flustered before telling the audience, “The type is all off, sorry. I’ll just wing this.” Unfortunately for Bay (and everyone else), he’s not particularly good at winging things. He walks off-stage less than 10 seconds later. Guess not everyone can just throw their hands in the air and say, “Fuck it! We’ll do it live.”


AJ McCarron’s Mom

Just in case there was any confusion about AJ McCarron’s mom rooting for Auburn last night, she cleared it up via Twitter during Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston’s post-win interview. Dee Dee Bonner tweeted “Am I listening to English?” as the Heisman Trophy winner spoke to ESPN about his coach and teammates – in English. Dee Dee has since deleted and apologized for her Tweet, not that we think Jameis particularly cares. After all, who spends the night after a national championship win pouring over their opponent’s mom’s social media accounts?

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