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Tommy Lee Jones Is Not Amused, And 4 Other Things You May Have Missed

Keith Fenimore takes his shots at what’s been trending in social media this week [Jan 12 – Jan 18]

An Australian man says Subway’s foot-long sandwiches don’t measure up, literally. He lit the wick to the controversy on Facebook by posting a photo of the sandwich only measuring 11 inches.

Dear God! A whole inch short! How the hell are we supposed to fuel our raging obesity epidemic if you pull this kind of shit, Subway?

An MIT student invented sophisticated ice cubes that can actually text a friend when you’ve had too much to drink.
In the pipeline, condoms that text your significant other while you’re cheating on them (Scientists: Please, please don’t do this).

Coca-Cola is attempting to teach everyone about healthy living in hopes to fight obesity.  So instead of making their products healthier, they’ve produced this video.
Coke fronting a crusade on healthy living really makes good sense! Maybe they should partner with Marlboro and sponsor The US Olympic Track Team: “After a long day of training, there’s nothing like a Coke and a smoke!”

The power of social media blew up in a father’s face when he promised a puppy to his kids if they could get 1 million likes on Facebook and they succeeded.
Upon hearing the puppy news, Tommy Lee Jones was so happy for the girls he could barely contain his joy.

American Airlines is getting a lot of attention after revealing a new logo design that gives their brand a much-needed facelift.
Speaking of a much-needed facelift…


and that's, as I see it, what's trending in social media this week!

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