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Trump's Hacked Twitter And 4 Other Things You May Have Missed

Keith Fenimore takes his shots at what’s been trending in social media this week. [Feb 16 – Feb 22]


Photo by Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

Donald Trump shocked millions by sending out a Tweet quoting Lil’ Wayne lyrics, “These hoes think they classy, well that’s the class I’m skippen.” Faster than a comb over, the Trumpster sent out a retraction saying his account had been “seriously hacked.”  
Leave it to Donald Trump to distance himself from what would have been the only non-offensive tweet he’s ever sent!


Music legend Quincy Jones has just launched a new app called Playground Sessions, which teaches users how to play piano with real-time feedback and interface. Meanwhile, I heard that Clive Davis has a new app that makes you question your sexuality while publicly berating you.



The big launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 was a bit of a bust, as people took to Twitter to vocalize their frustrations over not even being shown the new game console at the event. The poor gaming community has no idea what to expect from this next generation PS! 
I’ll tell you what the PS4 players can expect... dark circles under their eyes, carpal tunnel in their thumbs, and noticeable weight gain. Game on!


Winter free running, or snow parkour, or whatever you want to call it, is a display of amazing stunts pulled off in less than desirable snowy and icy conditions by expert Ronnie “Don’t Try This At Home”  Shalvis.  
A parkour pro… or is it actually Alec Baldwin fancy-footing it away from the scene of his latest paparazzi smack down? You decide! 



Start thinking even more abbreviated, as the 140-character tweet we have all come to know and love is being downsized to 117 characters when a link is included in your message. 

Why is it that as Tweets are getting even shorter, older people on Facebook still have carte blanche to write 1000+ word stories about something tragic that happened to a friend of a friend?

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