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Tug-Of-War Tragedy

It’s all fun and games until someone loses four fingers.

There’s no shortage of sports that are considered dangerous: Motocross, hang gliding, BASE jumping, skydiving…The list goes on, and now you can add another, more traditional activity to it: tug-of-war. It appears that the game you played at Douglas Ranch Camp in the summer of ’92 has taken a violent turn, as evidenced by the fact that it sent two California high school students to the emergency room on Monday, missing several fingers. Yes, two kids’ fingers somehow got ripped off playing the game during their school’s Spirit Week.

18-year-olds Edith Rodriguez and Pablo Ocegueda were among the 40 students participating when the rope suddenly snapped – and snapped off four of each their fingers. Thankfully doctors were able to reattach their digits and they’re expected to make a full recovery – not that that makes us any less apprehensive about playing tug-of-war ever again. After doing some research, it turns out in 1997 two men had their arms ripped off playing a game in Taiwan.

In the words of one of our colleagues: “This is why I didn’t participate in high school.”

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