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Twitter Quitters

These celebs couldn't hack it in a world based on 140 characters or less.

Photo Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Megan Fox
The gorgeous star joined Twitter in early 2013, only to sign off with this final post 5 days later:  “5 days on Twitter and I have yet to discern its purpose.”  A generation of adolescent boys continues to mourn.

Alec Baldwin
The busiest man in show biz has bid farewell to Twitter on several occasions—the first, shortly after he was ejected from an airplane for refusing to turn off his phone, and the second, following his wedding to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas in mid-2012. But in both instances, he returned to the Twitter-verse shortly thereafter. You just can’t keep a Baldwin down.

Ashton Kutcher
Remember the time ex-Mr. Demi Moore fired off a bunch of tweets in support of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, during the Sandusky child molestation scandal, and people got really, really pissed? Following that incident he had to turn over control of his Twitter account to a management company, which now vets and approves all his tweets. If only someone would do the same for his movie roles.

Manti T’eo
The world’s most gullible human being deleted his Twitter account just this week, after posting one final tweet in praise of Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime show. Apparently he planned to delete it sooner, but it was just so easy to meet girls on there.

Chris Brown
After engaging in an all-out Twitter brawl with comedian Jenny Johnson in which he threatened to defecate on her, Brown deleted his account, only to rejoin a week later and post a sexy picture of Rihanna. It’s weird, because usually when we threaten to shit on someone, it takes at least two weeks before Rihanna will talk to us again.

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