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Ultimate Bad Breakup: Man Buys House Just To Give Ex-Wife The Finger

Some things are just worth the money.

A lot of people do strange things after a breakup. Some people write mean things about their exes on Facebook. Some people burn their ex's possessions. Some people leaving flaming bags of poop on their ex’s doorstep. And some people buy the house next door to their ex and erect a giant statue of a hand giving the middle finger. Wait…what?

Yes, you read that correctly. Alan Markovitz, of Bloomfield Hills, MI, has taken terrible breakups to the next level. After discovering that his ex-wife had had an affair with her new boyfriend before the divorce, he bought the adjoining house and built a 12-foot statue expressing his feelings towards the pair. And just to be certain they don’t miss it, he’s also ensured that a spotlight illuminates it at night.

Markovitz joins an ever-growing list of people who’ve done crazy things after a bad split. Check out our list of some of the craziest breakups ever right here, and prepare yourself for a voyage into poop-flinging, penis-severing, fire-starting madness.


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