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Utah Town Forced to Rename "Morning Glory Road"

And not because it was named after a shitty Rachel McAdams movie.

When Xactware Solutions Inc. planned to relocate to Morning Glory Road in Lehi, Utah, it was concerned that the street name "did not fit with its international corporate image." Which is to say that the software company did not want to be associated with BONERS.

Morning Glory, you see, is another term for the first erection of the day. Morning wood. And because Xactware Solutions was worried that their clients would think of raging, hard dicks every time they came for a meeting, the company complained to the Lehi City Council and asked them to change the road to something less tumescent. The council approved the change, and now Xactware Solutions gets to live on Morning Vista Road. But perhaps they should have run that through Urban Dictionary first.

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