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Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Troll Gold’s Gym In Disguise

Yes, this is the greatest use of a false mustache in history.

Quick – if you were going to send a celebrity undercover, someone whose face, body, and voice could be easily disguised so as to be unrecognizable to the general public, who would you choose? We’re guessing your answer was, “Probably pretty much anyone in the world except Arnold Schwarzenegger.” Going by this video - in which Arnold puts on a wig and false mustache and poses as “Howard” to troll the members of Gold’s Gym - you would be right in your choice, because he fools everyone there for a combined total of zero seconds. Still, it’s great seeing the big guy goofing around and being silly, and it’s all for a good cause (supporting the After-School All-Stars charity, which is currently offering the chance to go for a ride with Arnie himself in a freaking tank), so it’s well worth a watch:

Also worth a watch? Arnie promoting the tank ride by reenacting this classic scene from Kindergarten Cop:
And it's only Wednesday. You have a lot to live up to, rest of the week.