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Watch The World's Sexiest Water Balloon Fight (In Slo-Mo!)

You're gonna need a towel.

There is a video on the internet called "Slow motion water balloon meets big boobs," and it is oddly mesmerizing: the glob of water seemingly floating through the air, the "Ave Maria" soundtrack, the giant gazongas getting walloped, again and again, with H2O. If you watch it enough, you can probably use it as a form of hypnosis to quit a bad habit, like smoking or looking at boobies on the internet. 

Slow motion water balloon meets big Boobs by UltraSlo

But no matter your reason for watching it, you can thank cinematographer Alan Teitel, who is doing the Lord's work (i.e., creating ultra slo-mo videos of boobs and other non-boob subjects). To capture this masterpiece, Teitel used his new Phantom HD camera, a balloon filled with water, and a heavily knockered model with a low-cut white shirt.

Teitel tells us: "The trick was setting up the shot to pop and really get down the cleavage. We decided to put a pin in one hand and the balloon in the other. The first take looked like a winner, and the model went to dry off. Well, you can see the first shot just goes outside the shirt, so I invited her back for one last shot. This shot we put very cold water in the balloon and gave her the pin again and it was a home run."

Home run indeed. 

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