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Watch These New Yorkers Freak The Hell Out When They Find A Snake In Their Taxi!

Hey, we'd probably throw a "hissy" fit too!

Here at Maxim, we know from scaring the crap out of unsuspecting passengers in a cab. This past Halloween, Nissan was kind enough to let us borrow the all-new "Taxi of Tomorrow," and this is what we chose to do with it. Real mature, right?


Well, it looks like we're not the only ones who take pleasure in terrorizing folks in a taxi. New York City-based comedian and former taxi driver (and Maxim contributor) Jimmy Failla has been driving around town with a real-live python and, well, check out this YouTube clip to see what went down when he introduced his passengers to his slithering friend. Then, if you want more of his insanity, order Jimmy's book about life as an NYC hack. Hiss!

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