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Watch 2 Dicks Duke It Out To Become Museum's First Penis Exhibit

At Iceland's Phallological Museum, please don't stroke the exhibits.

Photo: Dan Burn- Forti/ Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014

The Olympics may be over, but the spirit of international competition continues with the tale of deceased Icelander Pall Arason and living American Tom Mitchell in the race to become the first man on Earth to donate his penis to a museum.

The story, which is being told in the documentary The Final Member (out April 18), starts with Arason who, upon his death, bequeathed his post-mortem pecker to the Phallological Museum in Iceland, an act that would make his the first human specimen in the institution. But Mitchell thinks so highly of his penis (which he calls "Elmo" and has tattooed with stars and stripes) that he has also offered up his shlong — and since he's so gung-ho about being the first, he's offered to amputate and donate it while he's still alive. Or in his own proud words, "I'd like the world to know the largest and best one came from the States…I've always had a dream of fame and fortune for Elmo." The guy has a boner for his own dick! 

Good luck to both men, and may the best wiener win! 

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