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We Got It In The Mail

PR pro Judy Dixon sent us a Tenga Cup, a “male pleasure aid” with a lubricated rubber lining. Intrigued, we gave her a call.

Dan: Hi, Judy. Got the Tenga Cup you sent me. Quick question: Why?

Judy: I thought it would be interesting for your readers. It is a male masturbator, but it’s artful. It’s even won design awards.

Dan: What awards did it win?

Judy: It won the Red Dot Award.

Dan: There’s an awards show for male masturbation tools?

Judy: No, it’s a design award given out in Germany to designers who do something architecturally unique.

Dan: What’s the appeal of using one of these things vs. just, you know, an old sock?

Judy: Enhanced pleasure, and you can bring it into the bedroom as a couple, too. From what I understand, it feels insane. And it’s prelubricated.

Dan: Do you keep the rubber vagina in the plastic cylinder it comes in?

Judy: Yeah, you just unwrap it and put your penis in.

Dan: Great. I think those are instructions even our readers could follow.

Don’t Knock It Till You’ve Tried It (By Knocking It)

Intern Eric Dobesh gave the Tenga Cup a workout. He will not receive extra credit, but here is his report.

“When my editor said I was going to have sex for a Maxim story, I was stoked…then he handed me this thing. Later that night even Barry Manilow wasn’t helping like he normally does, and I couldn’t get in the mood. Finally I shed my inhibitions (and pants) and went for it. And it actually felt pretty good, until 0.5 seconds later when the shame hit me. At least I didn’t have to buy it dinner.”