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Weekend Randomness - Video Edition

In training for our jobs here at, we were taught that the Internet exists for three reasons: porn, made up "facts," and random junk that makes people forget about the life they are crapping away in front of a monitor. So naturally, in the process of crapping away our own lives, we've developed quite a knack for finding stupid links that end up replacing precious childhood moments in our long-term memory.

Thus explaining our admiration for No sugar coating. No fancy design. Just links—to all the senseless Web crack that keeps us coming back for more. Where else can you find a Full Metal Christmas (above), a Rubik's Cube-solving robot, a guy pulling a helicopter with his ear, and a failed attempt to catapult somebody onto a roof using a basketball hoop (as if a successful attempt would ever make it on the Internet). Actually, probably a lot of places, but we're too lazy to use them.

So enjoy the links and enjoy the weekend; just don't blame us when you've wasted another opportunity to do something productive for a change. 'Cause we're right there with you.