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Weekend Six-Pack: March 4th-6th, 2011


Ah, the weekend. Two fleeting days to convince yourself you have some measure of control over your life. But planning out activities and amusements is a lot of pressure—which is why we're here to take some of the burden off your shoulders. And we promise not to let your boss know about all that extra shoulder space that could be used for at least eight more job responsibilities.



The Adjustment Bureau (In theaters Friday, 3/4) Although this long-delayed flick's title sounds like an offshoot branch of the I.R.S., and the previews have given it the dubious distinction of "The Matrix with Matt Damon in a dumb hat," let's not forget that Emily Blunt (above) is part of the cast, not to mention General Zod himself, Terence Stamp. (Also wearing a dumb hat.)




Faster (Released Tuesday, 3/1) Can't wait to see The Rock behind the wheel of a kickass hot rod (when he's not beating people up) in the forthcoming Fast Five? Then check out this precursor of sorts, where The Rock plays an ex-con on a quest for vengeance while behind the wheel of a kickass hot rod (and beating people up).




Love & Other Drugs (Released Tuesday, 3/1) Remember a simpler time, a better time, before Anne Hathaway co-hosted the Oscars and tried way too hard to cover for James Franco's smarmy bemusement? A time when she happily doffed her clothes for a seemingly endless array of rolls in the hay? Relive the good ol' days with this melodrama, and make sure to go with the Blu-ray. You'll want to see this in high-def.



Alexander Ebert, Alexander (Released Tuesday, 3/1) If this name isn't ringing a bell, fear not…Ebert is best known as lead vocalist for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, whose breakout hit "Home" was pretty much all over the place in 2010. (Even sung adoringly by fathers and toddler daughters.) Ebert's first solo album is in the same "lovable barefoot hippie" vein as the Edward Sharpe material (Fun fact: There is no Edward Sharpe), and honestly, we could use some soothing tunes after all the Charlie Sheen madness this week.



Taking on Tyson (Airs Sunday, 3/6, 10 p.m., Animal Planet) Here's a sentence we never thought we'd utter: Mike Tyson has entered the world of competitive pigeon breeding. And a second sentence: Mike Tyson has a reality show about entering the world of competitive pigeon breeding. Apparently he also recently contributed some poetry for Oprah to use in her magazine. Snap out of it, champ!



NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Las Vegas (Airs Sunday, 3/6, 3 p.m., Fox) Las Vegas already has gambling, free drinks, and what we hear is a SPECTACULAR Elton John show at Caesars Palace. Add NASCAR to that lineup, and going to Sin City has pretty much become like Moses making his way to Mecca. The only way it could be better? No pants and a Players Club card.