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What’s the Most Annoying Sound in the World?

(According to scientists, not Dumb & Dumber)

Photo: drbimages / iStockPhoto | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

Newcastle University just published a study on the most unpleasant sounds in the world, probably not realizing humans’ propensity to use the list for evil (annoy your coworkers) rather than good (minimize these sounds in everyday life)—especially considering how easy some of these sounds are to create. Here are the top 10 offenders, ranked from least incredibly annoying to I-am-seriously-going-to-jump-out-the-window annoying:

10. Electric drill
9. Baby crying
8. Brakes on a cycle squealing
7. Angle grinder
6. Female scream
5. Nails on a blackboard
4. Ruler on a bottle
3. Chalk on a blackboard
2. Fork on a glass
1. Knife on a bottle

Looking the list over, there are some obvious offenders like crying babies and nails on a blackboard, but knife on a bottle? Fork on a glass? We can’t wait to try these out, record ‘em, and compile all these sounds on a mixtape and send it to our ex!

And what did the Newcastle scientists discover is the least unpleasant sound? Applause. In other words, we’re all vain.

More funny please.