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What's Worse: Childbirth, Or Getting Kicked In The Balls?

For some weird reason, this seems to be an argument that every couple has had at one time or another, presumably because while love, empathy, and tenderness are all vital human drives, absolutely nothing fuels us as a species like self-pity. As guys, we all know what it's like to take a bad shot to the nuts (and if you still don't know that feeling, whooo boy, are you in for a nasty shock one of these days), and most women, at some point, experience the sensation of squeezing something the size of a Christmas ham through an opening that was seemingly designed for something more the size of an hors d'oeuvre. Both sexes are convinced they have it the worst (personal note: I have been shot point blank in the balls with a paintball gun, and I find it hard to believe anything short of an incident with a slippery floor and a chainsaw could hurt more), but who really suffers more? Let's ask science!


Now, we're not taking sides here or anything, but just for the sake of representing all the guys out there, we're going to leave you with the below video, without comment. Well, ok, maybe one comment. You can probably guess what it is (it rhymes with "wouch").



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