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When Wrestling Fans Attack (Randy Orton’s Balls)

Attacking the biggest dude in the room is only supposed to be a good idea on your first day in prison, guys…

Photo: Joern Pollex / Bongarts / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013


Two days ago, at a show in South Africa, WWE wrestler Randy Orton was going through his usual shtick of standing on the turnbuckle, getting the crowd going, when one fan, for reasons yet to be disclosed, hopped into the ring and sucker punched him in the balls.



 Now, we’re definitely not saying we approve of this kind of behavior (although we can see how it probably seemed like a hilarious idea at the time), but it did get us thinking about some of the other dumbasses who decided that trying to hit the big muscle man with the 50 security guards was a good plan. Surprise! Wrestlers tend to hit dumbasses when they attack them. Dumbasses like…


The Man Who Thought It Would Be Funny To Surprise Macho Man Randy Savage

Look, you never, ever interrupt a wrestler when he’s busy helping another wrestler put his makeup on, okay?


The Vato Who Tried Messing With A Luchadore

Mexico takes its wrestling very, very seriously, as anyone who has ever spent Christmas Day at a wrestling match in Mexico City, watching a midget luchadore get half-decapitated will tell you (spoiler alert: this writer has done exactly that). One thing you never want to do is ask them to take their masks off. And if you decide to just try and yank it off? Well, you can guess what happens.



This Loser Who Couldn’t Even Get Past The Ref

When you can get taken down with a front face lock by a mullet-and-mustache wearing man in a bowtie who looks like he weighs slightly less than a high school cheerleader, you probably shouldn’t be trying to attack wrestlers in the first place.


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