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Which “Breaking Bad” Characters Could Play Video Game Characters In Movies?

Aaron Paul’s Need For Speed character is basically Jesse Pinkman, so let’s put the rest of the Breaking Bad gang in poorly thought-out movie adaptations of popular video games!



Walter White - Gordon Freeman from Half Life

Both are men of few words, both rock an awesome goatee, and both kill illegal aliens…these two have a lot in common. Hell, they’re both naturally trained scientists who only turned to a life of violence by necessity! Of course, one is saving the world and the other is dealing meth but, you know, NBD.


Gus Fring - Tom Nook from Animal Crossing

That money-lending son of a bitch from Animal Crossing is set on keeping you in his debt forever. Sound familiar? Oh, sure, he’ll give you the funds to buy a new house or make you think you’re living large, but you’ll stay obligated to him for the rest of your life…or until you just turn off the video game. That works too.


Mike Ehrmantraut - Agent 47 from Hitman

They’re both bald, merciless killers who do it for the money, but deep down you know they have a heart of gold. Well, maybe not gold. Maybe just, like, really shiny copper. Maybe.


Saul Goodman - Nigel West Dickens from Red Dead Redemption

Saul and Nigel are the kinds of side characters you always wish there were more of. Self-motivated, snake oil-selling scumbags who will do anything for a dollar, they’re both invaluable companions…when their interests are being served. Of course, one has a stagecoach that’s filled with fucking cannons and the other is a small-time lawyer, so there are minor differences here. Whatever, deal with it.


Skylar White - Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins

Whatever the main character tries to do, whether it’s something nice, ruthless, or just bringing a pizza home, these characters find a way to cynically tear them a new one. From acid-tongued comments to the frequent silent treatment, they’re both infuriating, yet weirdly attractive to the protagonist.


Huel and Kuby - Toejam and Earl from Toejam and Earl

One’s fat the other’s skinny. This is Hollywood we’re talking about, what else do you need?


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