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Why Russia Has All Those Great YouTube Videos

The country's insurance fraud epidemic means there are cameras everywherewhich is great if you're looking to kill time at work on the Internet.

The “Russian-Mind Set” is summed up pretty well in this New Yorker article (ugh, we know). Essentially, the old Soviet system and the new oligarchical mafia state makes criminals out of average Russians just trying to run normal businesses. Real laws are so opaque and honest means of income so complicated that everyday people have no choice but to go outside the law a little bit, even in their day-to-day dealings.

So in Russia (and in America), insurance scams, particularly auto insurance, are common. People just throw themselves into slow, oncoming traffic hoping for a payout—which is why we get awesomely hilarious dash cam videos out of the former Soviet Union! Though the cams are theoretically in place to capture potential fraud cases, they capture so, so much more. Enjoy!

More funny, please.

Screw funny, show me girls.