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Worst Proposal Ever: Man Gets Naked Before Popping Question at Wrong House

It's the moment every woman dreams of: When the man you love gets down on one knee and proposes, while naked, to a woman who isn't you.

Such was the bittersweet tale of Florida man Thomas Edwards, 22, who thought it would be romantic to remove all his clothes before popping the question to his girlfriend. But when he got to her house, she wasn't there…and the people living there had no idea who she was. Worst of all, nobody there wanted to marry the crazy nude man. 

Then the police showed up and totally killed the mood by telling Edwards to please put his clothes back on. He responded by spitting on them, which prompted them to tase him. He was arrested and booked into the Seminole County Jail, where hopefully someone will finally make an honest man of him. 

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