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Maxim Comedy Showcase: Hannibal Buress
The comedian (not the cannibal) talks dentistry, drugs, and…some other D-word we haven’t thought of yet.


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You need one word to describe Maxim? Easy: sexy. Wait – damn, that wasn't the point here. Okay, two words to describe Maxim: sexy and funny. It’s our mission in life to make you chuckle, giggle, titter, yuk, grin, crack up, guffaw, snicker and, yes, possibly even laugh. We want to make you forget all about the crap you went through today (literally, if you work in a sewer, in which case, you should really wash your hands before reading this on a shared computer) by bringing you the funniest jokes, the silliest videos, the most hilariously-written articles and stories and the sort of nonsense that you can’t help but find amusing.

We’ll be updating the site every day with our funny take on the day’s news: It doesn't matter if we’re covering sports or politics, cars or food, celebrity sex tapes or scientific breakthroughs, you can trust us to always be total wise asses about it. Because who the hell wants to take everything seriously all the time? Besides, y’know, all those other so-called men’s mags that want to sell you man-bags and $400 pairs of socks. We’ll also be giving you regular funny list features to help pass your afternoon with a belly laugh or two. There’s pretty much no topic we can’t reduce to a handy list full of dick jokes, so be prepared to grin while wondering, somewhere at the back of your head, what the hell is wrong with these guys and why are they so obsessed with dick jokes?

Talking of jokes, we have a whole section devoted entirely to sharing the best, worst and best-worst jokes, gags and one-liners sent in by our readers, so if you need a new zinger, check here first. And if you’re feeling particularly funny yourself, why not try your hand at our infamous Beat This Caption contest? Not only can you let everyone know you’re way funnier than us, you can even win awesome prizes. Not bad for just being a smart ass.

Want to see how the pros do it? We've got interviews with more big comedians than you could shake a mic stand at, from Louis CK to Bill Burr, and there are more being posted all the time.

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