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Behold, The Most Valuable Thing to Ever Go Between Your Legs


Hedge fund still hammering? Time to celebrate by hopping on Denver-based Ecosse Moto Works’ Titanium Series Supercharged Edition. For the price of a Lamborghini Gallardo (plus or minus a month’s worth of mani­cures), this sweet $230,000 superbike delivers a hand-built titanium frame, a supercharged billet aluminum engine, and enough bespoke details to reduce a billionaire to tears. Tossed into the high-tech mix of carbon fiber and aerospace aluminum are old-school touches like hand-painted pinstriping and metal surfaces polished to a velvety sheen. But forget all the museum-worthy minutiae; this baby’s got the subtlety of a Bunker Buster, and the power to cause about as much damage.

stuff_wheelsofFortune_article3.jpgThe Power Plant
The bike’s heart is a 2,150 cc fuel-injected, hand-assembled engine. A supercharger squeezes more than 200 hp and 210 lb.-ft. of torque from the V-twin, which is mated to a transmission cut from solid billet. You know the guys who buy motorcycles to save gas money? This one ain’t on their shopping list.

Hot Seat
They may look like merciless spine benders, but Ecosses are actually designed for comfort; gel-filled seats, adjustable foot controls, and an upright seating position make riding the Titanium Series more like sitting on a La-Z-Boy than hunching over a rice burner. But one crack of the throttle will quickly remind you that death is just a 180 mph hairpin turn away.

Devil’s Details
Look closely at most superbikes and you’ll find more plastic parts than you see on the Deal or No Deal girls. Not this one. Peep the machined, bezel-like notches in the headlight ring and exhaust hanger. The intricate trellis frame alone takes two welders 30 days to construct. Hey, pick up the pace, guys!