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Circuit Training


Get your ass in gear with a digital running coach. Strap one on and start feeling the shame!


Garmin Forerunner 310XT


THE LOWDOWN: This wrist warrior (with an included heart strap) captures a mountain of data as you wheeze down the block. Afterward ¿you can go on Facebook and share details like calories burned and your ¿Google-mapped route.

THE GOOD: It’s easy. Plug in the USB stick and your data goes online faster than Lindsay Lohan into rehab.

THE BAD: Explaining why you’re wearing a huge neon-orange wrist computer.


Polar FT7
Price: $120


THE LOWDOWN: This bare-bones fitness watch works with a chest-strap heart-rate monitor (included) to provide feedback that helps you maximize your effort. Connect it to a $55 FlowLink computer dock (not included) to save calorie/heart rate 411 at polarpersonal¿

THE GOOD: Data from a whopping 99 workouts can be stored in the watch at any given time.

THE BAD: It doesn’t calculate mileage. And it doesn’t look like a Rolex.


Adidas MiCoach Pacer
Price: $139


THE LOWDOWN: This tiny gadget plugs into any portable music player and works with a stride sensor clipped to your shoelaces to determine how fast (or slow) you’re going. A coach shouts updates over the music when you’re tearing it up—or taking your time.

THE GOOD: MiCoach works with any shoes, and the interface at rocks.

THE BAD: Its British accent might annoy you into quitting mid-run.


Nike+ SportBand
Price: $59


THE LOWDOWN: A USB stick with a built-in digital display slides into a lightweight polyurethane bracelet. After a run, pop the USB into your computer and examine your pace, distance, time, and calories burned at

THE GOOD: It’s the simplest gadget we tested, but we found it to be pretty accurate.

THE BAD: Don’t schedule any midnight marathons: The dinky display has no backlight.