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Coal-Fired Cookers

Burn petrified plants to get your sausage extra smoky.

Carson Portable Rotisserie Grill, $720
Behold, the cyborg grill. A series of seven battery-powered skewers rotate themselves (no hands needed!), to keep your meat and veggies evenly toasted. And the whole thing packs down to an easy-to-carry suitcase. Open it in business meetings and seal the deal!


Stok Tower Charcoal Grill, $130
Interchangeable grill plates transform the top of the Stok Tower Charcoal Grill from a traditional grill into a pizza stone, griddle, vegetable tray… hell, just about anything you’d ever want to lay your meat on. The built-in chimney aids in air flow, as well as allowing Santa to deliver Christmas presents to your sausages.




The Barbecook Banika, $895

Like to do things a bit differently? The Barbecook Banika pairs an electric rotating spit with a cage that contains the coals vertically at the rear of the grill. While you salivate, your meat-spinnery makes crisp, juicy perfection.




Bodum Fyrkat, $50

Apartment the size of a Guantánamo cell? At just more than a foot wide and tall, the steel-bodied Bodum Fyrkat can stash in a cupboard, then crush burgers and steak the next time you risk imprisonment with a totally illegal roof-a-cue. Here’s hoping a nice rib eye keeps your building’s super quiet.



Weber One-Touch Platinum, $299

Close your eyes and picture “grill” and the Weber One-Touch Platinum might just pop up. Weber doesn’t mess with perfection, and their latest model boasts a handy gliding lid holder, a built-in thermometer, double the shelf space, and a generous 363-square-inch cooking surface. That’s everything you need and nothing you don’t. Who wants s’mores?

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