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Cutting Crew



Slice your bills open with a badass new blade. Masculinity restored!



CRKT Li’l Guppie

Clip this tiny carabiner multitool onto your belt loop or backpack, then sit down and wait for it to come in handy. Any minute you might find a use for the one-inch stainless-steel blade or standard and Phillips screwdrivers. Or just use the bottle opener, ya drunk.



Gerber Mini-Remix

Even if you’ve got a steady hand, cutting a precise line with a small utility knife is damn near impossible. Enter the Mini-Remix, a 3.4 oz, two-inch backpacking blade with a center hole that allows you to insert a finger for more controlled carving. “Can I turn that kiwi into a swan?”



Aegis Digi Camo Tanto

This tactical folding knife’s 31/2-inch blade swings open sure and easy when pulled with one hand—essential so you can keep the other hand on the lawn mower. Goddamned kids and their baseball! We dig its pixelated Contra-like graphics, too.



Leatherman Mut EOD

In The Hurt Locker, Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams use a bevy of Leatherman tools to disarm IEDs. Now the company has built a 17-use multitool expressly for those soldiers. Use it to steal your neighbor’s cable, then diffuse the bomb he plants in your yard. (Out in late summer.)




Shun Premier seven-inch Santoku Knife

So she made you pull your 12-gauge off the wall. How to restore danger to your décor? By picking up this one-blade-takes-all knife made for slicing, dicing, chopping, and nonchalantly threatening your guests. True, that dappled design, constructed from 16 layers of hot forged steel, has a purpose—your shallots (and bloody steak) won’t stick to it. More important, it looks scary.