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Sony Playstation 3D TV-

Split-screen racing is for suckers—the 24-inch Sony Playstation 3D TV uses its depth-giving specs to beam completely different pictures to rival gamers’ eyeballs during multiplayer matchups. No more peeking at your pal’s Madden playbook, cheater. $500,

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Big Agnes Copper Spur UL4 Tent-

It’s a classic camping conun­drum: travel light or live large? Fact is, if you want a Cribs- worthy campsite, you typically have to haul backbreaking bulk. The three-season Big Agnes Copper Spur UL4 tent’s 57-square-foot floor plan gives you more space than a Manhattan studio apartment and still packs to about six pounds. $600,

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Nintendo Wii U-

Keep cool, people, because you can’t get your hands on the next-gen Wii till next year. But, boy, is the Nintendo Wii U one bat-shit piece of gear! See that iPad-looking thing? It’s actually the controller—the 6.2-inch screen gives you in-game info and even lets you take games on the road. And Nintendo’s finally giving us some sweet, sweet high-def graphics. (Note to Princess Zelda: Wear makeup this time.) Price TBD,

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Rockwell Trans4mer-

Pulling off precise woodworking as well as serious destruction is typically a two-tool job. The bipolar Rockwell Trans4mer does double duty. One minute the 12-volt power tool is a jigsaw capable of gently caressing detailed cuts out of wood. The next: a brutish reciprocating saw, indiscriminately biting its way through pillars and pipes. May we suggest lithium? $120,

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End of Summer Gadgets: 3-D TV, Nintendo Wii U, and more