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Fat Geeky Guy Reviews: Bust Ghosts This Halloween With The Lapka App!

Star Rating: 
8 out of 10

The Pitch: Measure the invisible world with this serious digital science kit for your smartphone.



What it really is: A little scary. Ever wonder if your smartphone is baking your brain? Now you can measure how baked you’re getting with your smartphone. Lapka is actually a collection of four separate sensors, which measure humidity (like how sweaty it is in your boxers), EMF (electromagnetic fields), radiation and - get this - they include a sensor that tells you if fruits and vegetables are actually organic? Sweet! Now I can finally prove those Whole Food hippies are ripping me off!



Who’s it for: Geeks and scientists and hypochondriacs, oh my! Also, Egon from Ghostbusters - he’d have one of these for sure. Although the manufacturers state that the EMF sensor isn’t actually designed to detect ghosts, we reckon that if you want to do a little spirit-searching at home, this seems like just the right gadget for checking if there are spooks in the vicinity. And it’d definitely detect a ghost carrying a mobile phone, and it is 2013, so I’m guessing the odds are good.



What’s Extra Cool: The radiation sensor. Did you know that flying from California to New York exposes you to as much radiation as a having whole load of dental X-rays? Just to be sure, I tested it on my flight from Salt Lake City to NYC (yeah, I’m that dedicated to Maxim) – and sure enough, I got nuked by more than 369 particles (and got funny looks from 3 flight attendants. Those, I was able to count by myself).



What’s Missing: Lead underwear. After measuring the radiation and EMF in my home, office and on airplanes, I’m sporting these babies.



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