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Fat Geeky Guy Reviews: EA Sports MVP Carbon On-Ear Headphones by Monster

Star Rating: 
9 out of 10

Take your trash-talking to a whole new level.

The Pitch: Monster and EA Sports team up to deliver the best gaming headphones ever.

What it really is: A game-changer (ha!). According to Monster’s Elbert Lee, gamers can finally experience "pure Monster Sound - from the lowest volume nuances…to the highest impact blasts without distortion or audible loss in detail,” and he ain’t lying. These headphones are top-notch for gaming, and have a ton of cool features, like a removable microphone, which can be used on either side so you can trash talk lefty or righty during COD n00b kill streaks.

Who’s it for: Serious gamers and audiophiles. The MVP Carbons come with cables and controls for virtually every use, from consoles to PCs to plugging right into your phone. You won’t have to switch to your “good headphones” when you’re done gaming, which is awesome, because you look like a tool with two pairs of headphones on.

What’s Extra Cool: Remove the microphone, and the MVP Carbons are instantly high-end music/mobile phone headphones, and ControlTalk – the in-line microphone and controls - lets you adjust volume, mute, and turn the light-up logos on and off. Light-up logos? Great. Now my girlfriend has an illuminated target to throw stuff at when I’m up all night gaming in the dark.

What’s Missing: Voice changing auto trash-talking feature. When is someone going to make gaming headphones that automatically spit out streams of “yo mamma” digs in the voice of Bane from Dark Knight Rises?

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