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Fat Geeky Guy’s App of the Week: Waze

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All platforms
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8 out of 10

A free GPS is a GP-yes!

Waze is an impressive GPS app, which gives up to the minute traffic conditions by measuring the progress of the drivers on the road ahead of you. It’s a little big brother-y, but if it saves us from carmageddon, we’re down with being tracked by The Man.

In addition to ridiculously accurate traffic, Waze includes fully featured GPS with turn by turn navigation with voice prompts. Waze will even choose the fastest route based on traffic conditions and will re-route you if conditions change.

Waze has a social component, like everything these days, but we could care less about earning points and virtual trophies or meeting other idiots stuck in traffic. Get us there and make it quick!

The most intriguing and should-be-illegal feature is that it alerts you when you are approaching traffic cameras, or police speed traps that have been reported by other users. At least when you’re pulled over for using your phone while driving, you won’t get a ticket for speeding.

Is Waze better than the other GPS apps out there? Who knows. Considering most of the other GPS apps cost $30-$99 - who cares!


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