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Hoverboards Give Boaters the Chance to Fly

Extreme athlete Franky Zapata's latest invention makes wakeboarding look tame.

In 2011 French jet ski champion Franky Zapata launched Flyboard, an innovative water jetpack that shoots swimmers into the air with a powerful jet of water. Three years later the athlete has improved upon his original idea by creating Hoverboard, a wakeboard-meets-Marty McFly feat of hydraulic engineering. Attached to a single 59-foot-long nozzle hose, the Hoverboard allows daredevils to stand on top of the water displaced by a speed boat or jet ski. Hook the thing up to a big enough watercraft and it can travel at 15 mph while floating 16 feet above the surface. The Hoverboard isn't on the market just yet, but can be preordered for $5,850. Don't think of it as more expensive than a small boat; think of it as less expensive than a hovercraft.

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