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Hands On: Creative's Vado Does Video For Cheap


The fine folks from Creative stopped by with a sack full of their new video cameras and, with the help of a flashbang and some tear gas, we were able to grab one to screw around with. Setting it up took all of 30 seconds and was easy enough that anyone with at least one good eye and a blunt object with which to jab buttons should be able to figure it out. The interface is extremely bare bones, which means that when a fat guy starts falling down, you won't have to change your settings to capture it. It's light, relatively small and the battery is removable, all of which makes its $99 price tag seem like a hell of a bargain. Plus, the footage looks decent, especially when it's uploaded to Youtube of Photobucket, which the included software makes incredibly easy. The internal storage holds 2 hours of lower quality video or one hour of the good stuff, which should be more than enough to keep your Youtube RSS feed annoying your friends for weeks to come.


There's a little red light next to the lens that lets you know it's recording. I suggest covering it with tape to maximize the sleaze factor.


The built-in USB plug is nice since you don't have to carry a sync cable around with it. It's also a little more flexible than the one found on the Flip Video. Plus, it opens up all kinds of "Look, that camera has a boner!" jokes.