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Instant Upgrades

Glam up your backyard setup with this new grill gadgetry.

1. Turbo Que

Clip this fan to your gas grill to cut cooking time and create crisper crusts—or just aim it at your hair and look sexier flipping bur­gers.

2. Pit Mitt

Slam this bad boy on your paw and get hands-on with your grilling. It’s made of synthetic fibers that withstand temps up to 425°F.

3. Weber Pizza Stone

Can’t build a backyard brick oven? Nab this slab of stone and put your grill on pizza duty. It soaks up excess moisture and spreads heat evenly.

4. Steven Raichlen “Best of Barbecue” Spatula

It’s a spatula, but it’s also a bottle opener. Hence it’s absolutely essential.

Get your grill!

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