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JBL Charge


Meet your new outdoor companion for the summer. 

JBL Charge, £119.99

What it is: It’s an active speaker about the size of a slightly bloated beer tin that hooks up wirelessly to your phone or iPod, and blasts out any stored sounds you send it.

Why you need it: You’ll be shocked at just how much noise this pint-sized portable can produce, and it’s the perfect partner for a party in the park. It can just about see off a noisy, drunk mob crashed in your front room, but don’t expect it to take down a full sized sound system. Still, for a jot over a hundred quid it’s a bargain for every day use. It also doesn’t suffer the same distortion and vibration problems that plague many of the speakers in this price bracket, and its solid, deep bass means that the only thing tinny is the lager in your hand. The Bluetooth range is decent and the Charge’s battery can keep on rocking for around 12 hours. It also comes with its ownsnazzy, zippy carry case that you will probably leave somewhere, but as it’s wrapped in a clown-proof rubber casing, it’s not the end of the world.

Top Tip: If your phone is running low on juice, simply plug your burnt-out handheld into the side of the JBL and it’ll happily top it up while still belting out your latest playlist.

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