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Last Minute Guy Gift Ideas

KNIFE.jpg1893 Heritage Swiss Army Knife
Who It's For: Outdoorsmen/Collectors/Members of Swiss Army
Why They'll Love It: Is your dad the kind of guy who still has his childhood ticket stubs? Does he drool at the site of the words "limited edition"? Or maybe you have a buddy that genuinely just needs to cut things. Either way, this replica of the original Wenger Swiss Army Knife (as in, the one used by the actual Swiss Army) will definitely garner the oohs and ahs you're hoping for with a last minute gift. It's pricey, but you are paying for one of 1,893 units and the gift box that it's packaged in certainly wreaks of exclusivity. This is the kind of last-minute gift that will trick your old man into thinking you've been planning this one for months!
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SEXPANTHER.jpgSex Panther Cologne
Who It's For: Random Buddy/White Elephant/Smelly Friend
Why They'll Love It: This is no joke. It's a real, tangible, smell-able product. Officially licensed from Anchorman, it gives you everything short of the growling box. And an added bonus, it doesn't smell like a diaper full of indian food. In fact, it actually smells alright. Certainly better than the other gag gift of the holiday season: Burger King's cologne. And remember, 60 percent of the time, it works every time.
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FOOTFIST.jpgFoot Fist Way
Who It's For: Comedy Lovers/Martial Arts Instructors
Why They'll Love It: Have you got a friend that always likes to be the first the first one quoting the newest cult comedy? Buy them this movie and they will be thanking you later. Danny McBride took the summer by storm, appearing in Pineapple Express both Tropic Thunder, but before either of those roles he starred in this low-budget film about a tae kwon do instructor whose life is swirling out of control. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay bank rolled its release, and if they like it that much what makes you think your friend won't?

toms.jpgToms Shoes
Who It's For: Philanthropists/Hippies/Friends With Feet
Why They'll Love It: For starters, they are just flat-out comfortable. They make great house/driving slippers and even a solid alternative to sandals in the summer if you are shy about your toe nails. Beyond that, for every pair you purchase you also provide a pair for a child in Ethiopia. When you get your shoes, you'll also get a certificate letting you know that you gave shoes to a child. The perfect gift for that ultra-humanitarian friend who "doesn't want anything." And if they really insist, then keep the shoes yourself and give them the certificate. Everybody wins!
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PACKERS.jpg"Greatest Games" DVD Series
Who It's For: Sports Fans/Friend Whose Team Is Already Toast
Why They'll Love It: This is no pansy "Best of" DVD with a compilation of clips and former players talking about the good ol' days. This is literally full game footage of all your team's greatest moments. Let me repeat that: full game footage. So yes, you'll get that key third down conversion in the second quarter on top of all the major highlights you've seen time and time again. For any diehard, these will have them crying tears of joy like its 19(fill in the blank) all over again!