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Logitech UE Air Speaker

Star Rating: 
9 out of 10

A wireless speaker so easy to use even Apple fanatics will be able to use it.

The Pitch: A wireless speaker that hooks into your home network and seamlessly syncs with iPods/Phones/Pads, transforming them into remote controls.

What It Really Is: The most stylish looking Logitech speaker dock to date with powerful sound and a simple wireless sync. Logitech might be known for computer accessories (mice, keyboards, speakers, artificial hearts...probably) but they created something extra awesome here. Just dock your iPhone/Pad/Pod, download the app and your device is now a wireless remote control operating over your home network. You can now skip through songs, adjust the volume and treble/bass, and even access it through a Mac or PC.

What’s Cool About It: The simplicity and how it works with multiple devices. When you’re listening to music a little icon appears. Touch it, select the speaker among the options and it’s that simple. We synced up two iPods, one iPhone, an iPad and a PC computer via iTunes. We cycled through each and it worked without a hitch. Plus, it acts as an extra charging dock, which is good since we always forget to charge our damn devices.

What’s Extra Cool About It: We’re still amazed at how the iPhone (or Pod or Pad) operates as a device without having to be attached. Oh, and you can freak out your dog when he’s in the room and you’re not. Just be prepared to clean up the carpet afterwards.

Any Problems? Nothing major. Occasionally we had to re-sync the devices a few times because they weren’t showing up and there was a delay between selecting the speaker and the sound coming out of it. Same when we adjusted the volume or skipped through songs. However, it’s not like a videogame where a delay matters. A few seconds won’t kill you, Mr. Impatient. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “The perfect audio companion for any Apple devices!”

While We’re At It, Here’s A Cool New Bluetooth Speaker From Logitech: The Mini Boombox, which is almost as impressive as the UE Air Speaker. It costs around $100 and easily syncs up via Bluetooth. It’s has a touch display on top, charges via USB and also acts as surprisingly clear speakerphone when a call comes thru.

Who’s It For: Anyone with iDevices and $400 (or $99 for the Mini Boombox); people who want to appear technical without being bogged down in wires or nerdiness.


Price: $400