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Ludacris' Party in a Box Speaker

Soul Electronics

This Luda-approved speaker system’s wireless AirPlay (for easy iPhone and iPad beaming) and Bluetooth connectivity make it rain songs, with no strings attached. Bottled inside the box are eight sound-slinging speakers, including a pair of Earth-quaking 6½-inch subwoofers for when it’s time to get low.

On a one-to-10 scale, how much involvement did you have with the creation of the product?
For Party in a Box, I’d say a good 30 percent. When it comes to the headphones we also have, I’d say about 50-50.

What kind of products do you want to make next?
I’m sworn to secrecy! I can’t say anything until we’re on the brink of announcement.

Rock, paper, scissors: which one are you?
I like making a fist—in case you gotta punch the shit outta somebody!

Do you identify more with Pac-Man or the ghosts?