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Macbook Pro 15” with Retina Display

Star Rating: 
10 out of 10

Brute power and the agility of a Mountain Lion.
The Pitch: In Apple’s everlong quest for more power, productivity, creativity and portability, a few drastic changes have been made to its classic laptop line, pumping up the processing power, raising the bar for screen resolution and putting a nail in the coffin of the optical disc (1989-2012, RIP) to create the new Macbook Pro 15” with retina display.

What It Really Is: The most powerful and well-rounded Macbook Pro we’ve seen yet. Adopting the pixel-density of Apple’s signature retina display, the speed of i7 quad cores, the solidness of SSD hard drives and then trimming the bloat of an optical drive, Apple has pushed the limits of form and function in their cornerstone rig. Beyond the intrinsic beauty of the MBP15 - in its design and its uber-high-res screen - we were impressed with its overall power and the way it handled heavy lifting. Where Photoshop CS6’s content-aware patching chokes our other computers for up to a minute, the MBP15 chewed up the task in a matter of seconds AND let us view more of the image because of the retina display’s high pixel density. Video editing is also at its peak form here, rendering and transcoding faster than ever before with up to four HD streams; an impressive feat that puts many a lesser laptop in a coma. Thanks to the new OSX Mountain Lion, the MBP15 feels more capable at daily tasks too. Notifications are accessed through a simple swipe, injecting services iPhone/iPad users already rely on -  iMessages, Calendar, Facetime, Twitter - into an incredibly powerful machine. AppleTV boxes should be considered an essential accessory here as they enable our favorite new feature, Airplay Screen Mirroring, wirelessly beaming your MBP’s screen and sound to any HDTV in your house. The MBP15 and Mountain Lion aren’t just great together, they reward you for owning Apple products by making the Apple gear you already have do even more. Now where’s our Apple iTV? Ready-Made Press Blurb: Apple’s new Macbook Pro is so sexy we considered putting it on the cover of our September issue. -

Fun Fact: When we spoke to Apple, they said they were working with the guys at Blizzard to enhance games like Diablo 3 for the OSX platform and the high pixel density retina display of the MBP15. Unfortunately, our gaming experiences still included several hiccups and video games remain the achilles heel of the Apple experience.

Who’s It For: Future-proof isn’t really a term you can use with Apple products but it sure feels like that’s what they were going for when they designed the MBP with Retina Display. Apple envy notwithstanding, if you’re looking to make an investment that’ll get you through the better part of the next decade, this is it.