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Maxim's Moto Madness


If you are what you ride, what better way to impose your unique personality than by straddling one of these singular two wheel specimens? Behold our Five Best Bikes of 2010. There’s a taste of motorized sweetness for everyone!



Price: $9,995
Engine: 796 cc L-Twin
Horsepower/torque: 81/55.7 lb.-ft.
Curb weight: 368 lbs. dry
Seat height: 32.5 inches
Top speed: 133 mph

The Trim Nudie

Ducati Hypermotard 796
Supermotos were born to satiate dual-purpose fantasies involving equal doses of dirt and tarmac. But let’s face it: Most slickers are delusional if they think their lily-white city bikes will ever see the mud pit. With that in mind, Ducati trimmed down their big-bore Hypermotard 1100 into the perfect
urban commando vehicle. With shorter gears, less weight to haul around, and an 81-horsepower L-twin tucked between your legs, the Hypermotard is one of the most fun to ride beauties under
10 grand—and you won’t itch afterward, either!



Price: starts at $10,499
Engine: 1,200 cc V-twin
Horsepower/torque: Not released/79 lb.-ft.
Curb weight: 567 lbs.
Seat height: 26 inches

The Retro Boy Racer

Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight
Though its look is pure throwback, Harley’s newest pumps plenty of modern power courtesy of a 1,200 cc V-twin. But style-hungry younguns won’t weep into their brain buckets: This Hog’s chopped fenders and slammed suspension give it a fast-at-anyspeed look, while undermounted mirrors and a custom handlebar lend it a limbo-like low profile. Designer Rich Christoph’s ride even sticks to the strict retro rule book by incorporating a solo seat. Sorry, girlfriends!

Price: under $11,000
Engine: 865 cc parallel twin
Horsepower/torque: 68/51 lb.-ft.
Curb weight: 506 lbs.
Seat height: 32.3 inches

The Stylin’ Starter Bike

Triumph Thruxton SE
If Paul Smith is your personal hero and you’d rather be sipping Pimm’s than a Bud, your rampant Anglophilia need not lack a proper British bike. The Thruxton SE’s easy-handling café-racer styling appeals to weak-kneed newbies and natty hipsters alike, and its stretched-out ergonomics
make impostors look like 25¢ amusement park rides. Just don’t go crying to Mummy when the exhaust headers scald your stripy-socked ankles: This Triumph is the real deal, and it can scar you up just as good as those fast, plasticky crotch rockets.

Price: starts at $15,999
Engine: 1,237 cc V-4
Horsepower/torque: 135 (est.)/90 lb.-ft.
Curb weight: 591 lbs.
Seat height: 32.1 inches

The Sculpted Sport Tourer

Honda VFR 1200f
If your idea of a good time is 500 miles of canyon carving before noon, you probably dream of swift, X-Acto sharp two-wheel weapons like the Honda VFR1200F. This techladen sport tourer has optional long-distance goodies like saddlebags and heated grips, plus a Teflon-smooth dualclutch semiautomatic transmission for lazy laggards. But Luddites will find contentment when the VFR’s torquey 135-horsepower V-4 power plant is mated to the traditional six-speed manual transmission. Mmmm, interstate!

Price: $19,998
Engine: 1,195 cc two cylinder, four-stroke V-twin
Horsepower/torque: 170/90.7 lb.-ft.
Curb weight: 432.2 lbs.
Seat height: 31.7 inches

The Line-Art Superbike

Got $20K burning a hole in your Ferragamo wallet and bored by the usual superbike suspects? Then flee to the fringe, you nonconforming knee dragger. The KTM RC8 R is an orange-framed, 170-horsepower expression of Austrian fury, tempered with top-shelf suspension and brake components. It would be a shame if your RC8 R’s gummy tires never kissed a racetrack, but you’ll look shockingly avant-garde as you try to subdue this sharp-edged spaceship on city streets.