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Perks of the Job: 1800 Tequila Essential Artists Bottles

main1.jpgFor every 50 to 60 shitty, unsolicited children’s CDs, quilt-it-yourself kits, and books about menopause that inexplicably arrive in our offices daily, there’s that rare sweet, angel’s blood–flavored gooey filling in my shit donut of a mail day. In this case, a limited-edition, serially-numbered Essential Artists bottle of 1800 Tequila featuring the art of Glen Barr. In all, nine artists were commissioned to tag up their own bottle, of which—natch—1,800 each were made and individually numbered with their design emblazoned directly on the glass.

Now I own art. Of course, the thing’s so goddamned beautiful that I can’t bring myself to open it. Thanks, motherfuckers!



 Design your own bottle and get it made here!