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SMS Audio Sync By 50 Cent

Stop sharing earbuds (and save on Q-tips!). These wireless headphones come with a transmitter that lets up to four pals share a song from the same source. We’re loving its plush, cushiony construction, 17-hour battery life, and 50-foot wireless range. That’s, like, one foot for every cent!

On a one-to-10 scale, how much involvement did you have with the creation of the project?
A 10! I went all the way through the process. I approve everything.

What kind of products do you want to make next?
Home entertainment and professional equipment. The products we use in the studio are very old. I wanna take it to the next level with all the technology that’s out here.

Rock, paper, scissors: which one are you?
Scissors. Because I pretty much cut through the competition!

Do you identify more with Pac-Man or the ghosts?
Pac-Man. Because I’m just eating up the money!