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Sony Bravia HX-750 3DTV

Star Rating: 
9 out of 10

Huge capabilities in a skinny, sexy package.


The Pitch: Sony takes their expertise in excellent picture quality, puts it into a 46” LED TV, stirs in some internet connectivity and tops it off with a healthy dose of 3D for good measure.

What It Really Is: When it comes to TVs, you have to at least nod to picture quality. With the exception of the screen being a highly reflective surface that will catch every bit of light from windows or lamps, the HX750 is above average in almost every respect (minimal light bleed, deep blacks, good contrast). In fact, the processors at work here pump out a picture quality that is reminiscent of the first time you saw HD over SD. It takes some getting used to but it’s just better. Hulu and Netflix integration is joined by home-networking functionality that lets you stream files directly from your computer to the TV (we definitely recommend the hardwired connection as wifi was too laggy to do this well). Having your PC as its own input on your TV is a joy and cuts out the need for peripherals like the AppleTV or any of Western Digital’s external players. We also have to commend the 3D in the HX750. Both PS3 and Xbox games offered up eye-popping experiences but we were especially impressed by the 3D simulation setting that added a surprising amount of depth to regular 2D programming. Watching Kobe and the Lakers get mopped up in 3D, even if it was simulated, was an extra treat that the HX delivered. Ready-Made Press Blurb: ”Bravo, it's an LED ovation revelation!” -

Fun Fact: We don’t know if it was the high refresh rate of the HX750, the fact that we were watching everything in 3D for a week straight or that Crysis 2 in 3D is like fireworks getting set off under your eyelids, but we had a migraine for two days straight afterwards...and it hurt in the best way possible.


Who’s It For: If you’re not tech savvy then you probably won’t make the most out of the HX750’s extra capabilities. Having a Netflix subscription is basically essential. Videos and music on your home network is important too. Also, own a game console if you’re buying this TV because, if you don’t, what’s the point?